Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Review

I just got this massage chair. There weren’t too many reviews online, so I thought I’d list my thoughts. I’ll keep updating this as time goes on with my impressions.

Initial Imperessions:

  • Good: Chair is of really high quality.
  • Good: The hardware of the chair is amazing with lots of possibilities.
  • Bad: The software isn’t very good. Although the hardware of the chair can do so much, the software is poorly designed. In the auto modes, its not possible to turn off individual features. In the manual mode, you cannot setup complex sequences that are available in the auto mode. I’ll expand on this later.

Other observations:

  • The chair actually comes with two remotes. One is a wired remote, while the other remote is wireless. The button layouts are different.
  • I was able to pair the blutooth speakers in the chair with my echo dot. This way, I can tell Alexa to play some music on that specific dot, and the chair plays the music though its speakers. This works fantastic.
  • This chair is huge. I was able to get it into the house (barely). However, the door to my basement was only 29.5″. The base of the chair is about 30.5″ (as it ships, before assembly), so I needed to take out the door frame to my basement door in order to get it into the basement.

1 Week Later

After having the chair for a week:

  • The air ionizer feature is neat, but not because it ionizes air (I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to do). It blows air on your face while you’re getting a massage. Paired with some relaxing music, its a good feeling.
  • Favorite mode: Neck & Shoulder
  • Least favorite mode: Extension
  • The “auto sensing” feature for the leg adjustment actually requires quite a bit of pressure. Basically, after the message chair starts and the legs are raised a little, the feet section will extend and then retract. I need to apply quite a bit of pressure when it starts to retract in order to prevent it from retracting too much. If it retracts too mucnh, I can use the remote to extend again, but that’s an extra step that I’d rather not do, especially after the massage has already started and the arm airbags might be going off.
  • From my prior research, I had the impression that the zero gravity feature was supposed to raise your legs higher than this chair does. It just raises the legs a little, so that when I’m laying down, the legs are about equal in height as my waist.
  • If you need this chair to be backed up to a wall, the space saving feature will be great. However, I don’t need that, and the space saving feature just adds extra time to when a massage is over, as I have to wait for the chair to retract before I get off.
  • Make sure to raise the “pillow” on the massage chair so that it doesn’t cover your shoulders, as that will limit the effectiveness of the rollers on the shoulders.
  • I wrote to Infinity asking them if there was a way for me to write my own custom programs via an API, but they just ignored me.
  • I’ve been using this chair every day for the past 8 days. At the beginning, some of the massages felt too intense. However, I think my back has gotten used to it, as the intensity feels just right.

There are 3 3D programs, so I thought I’d describe them here since I haven’t seen a good description online:

  • Deep Shiatsu: My least favorite of the 3D programs. The rollers extend into your back, and then retract, move to a different location, and repeat. Shows off the 3D feature, but that’s prob about it.
  • Healthy Breath: The rollers extend into your back in the lower waist, and then move upwards in strokes of varying lengths before retracting. My favorite of the 3D programs.
  • Massage Extend: The rollers extend into your back, and then go up and down your back without making other movements. When at the peak (or trough), they may adjust their width and then continue the up/down movements.

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