nJoy Electronic Cigarette Review (Part 2)

It has been 6 days since my nJoy Electronic Cigarette Review (Part 1). My biggest complaint in that review was the price of the refill cartiges.  Thanks to some help from very kind people at the e-cigarette-forum.com, I found out that e-liquid (smoke juice, whatever you want to call it) is actually available for purchase.  A couple sites that offer it, such as ePuffer and e-cig; however, both were out of stock (after researching this some more, I found out that e-cig.com has temporarily suspended shipping due to the Olympics and tightened security for sending liquids – they’re based in China).  Well, fortunately, we have eBay, and I was able to purchase my very first bottle of the liquid.

My smoke juice refill station

I’ve taken a picture (courtesy of my brand new Nikon D40 ) of the whole setup.  Basically, refilling was pretty simple.  I just put on some latex gloves, took out the little filter-like things and put some liquid on them.  I tried not to put too much, because I certainly don’t want to be drinking the stuff as it could possibly leak through the little hole.  Just make sure you do this on something that doesn’t stain, as this stuff doesn’t look like it would come out easily.  Granite countertops worked just fine for me.  After refilling the cartiges, I just wiped off the mouthpiece and placed the refills into the little cases that they originally came in.

As for the electronic cigarette itself, I’ve found that the high nicotine cartiges work best for me.  Keep in mind, I’m not all that into nicotine – I’ve gotten poisoned from patches before – but the medium and low refills just don’t have that much at all.  Also, the claim that these things last as long as a pack of cigarettes is rather silly.  I go through more than one of these per day, and I didn’t even smoke a pack of cigs that quickly.  Theoretically, I suppose it is possible for these to last for that long, but it would just not be enjoyable to try to get that last puff of smoke from a cartige (something that does seem to work is flipping the filter insert around when smoke starts to decrease, but it still doesn’t last too long after that).

When I started this little adventure, I had about half a pack of cigarettes left.  I’ve basically cut down to 1-2 cigs per day, and I ran out of smokes two days ago.  I haven’t really had the need to buy another pack, as this electronic cigarette is doing its job for me so far.  I have noticed that my smoking habits are slightly different than before with the electronic cigarette, however.  Whereas before I would generally smoke at some intervals (like once every 90 min or so), I find myself taking a few puffs of this cigarette every 10-20 min.  So, basically, not as much at once, but since this doesn’t burn out, there’s nothing I need to “finish”.

In a week and a half I’ll be going to Europe for a couple weeks for vacation.  I don’t have a charger for this thing that works with European plugs + voltage, so I’m kind of hoping that I can take this thing on the plane, and then I can use my spare battery for the trip back.  While abroad, I’ll just buy my cigarettes over there. I feel kind of comfortable doing that considering how easy it was for me to basically cut down (and maybe even stop) smoking real cigarettes in the last few days.  Also, my favorite cigarettes are sold everywhere over there (L&M Lights), and I can’t find these anywhere where I live in Cincinnati.

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