by filip 21. September 2010 00:23


Finally got Rank 1 in a diamond league (random 2v2) in Starcraft II.

I realize rankings don’t mean much, but its still cool to get there.



How To Make the ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) TextArea Not Selectable

by filip 17. September 2010 22:50

Here’s something I wasted like 45 minutes on, and it should be pretty trivial. I needed to make the TextArea component NOT selectable, yet still enabled (need the scrollbar to work).

I started digging around the class, because no matter what I did in my code (such as myTextArea.textField.selectable = false; ), the TextArea was still selectable. It appears that when the TextArea calls the draw() or setSize() methods, it updates the text field in the TextArea to be selectable depending on whether the TextArea is enabled or not.

Clearly, whoever designed the TextArea component didn’t give this much thought. In any case, the way I got around the issue is to attach to the Event.Render event of the text area. Therefore, after the render method is called (and the TextArea is drawn), I can update the textfield to not be selectable.  Here is some sample code.You may need to attach to more events than just the render event, but the concept should work.

var DescriptionField:TextArea = getChildByName( "description" ) as TextArea;
DescriptionField.addEventListener( Event.RENDER, onDescriptionRender );

public function onDescriptionRender( evt:Event ):void
     var textArea:TextArea = as TextArea;
     textArea.textField.selectable = false;       

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Intel 300GB and 600GB SSD coming soon?

by filip 30. April 2010 09:08

Intel has a new Client IT TCO tool available on their website, and according to the tool, new sizes of Intel drives are coming soon in capacities of 300GB and 600GB.

I have an 80GB Intel SSD, and having something that’s 300GB in size would be sweet!


Logitech Harmony 1000 Class Action Lawsuit Settlement - H1000

by filip 16. April 2010 08:37

Logitech has started to send out the replacement remotes (890) as part of their settlement in the class action (Arthur Fulford v. Logitech Inc. Class Action Settlement).

Mine came in the mail yesterday on April 15th.  It was a refurbished model, but everything seems good. It has already replaced the H1000 in my living room.


Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) CSS3 Support – Platform Preview

by filip 16. March 2010 13:05

I downloaded the platform preview version of IE9 today to test out some CSS support. I ran a few tests through it, with the following results.  The picture on the left was generated using Firefox 3.6 (keep in mind that I did have to use the “-moz” prefix in front of all but one style to make it work in FF). The IE content is on the right.


It certainly is possible that IE requires some vendor-specific suffix like Firefox did. However, I did not use any prefix, so the style may actually be supported in some form.

In any case, the only supported feature out of the four I tested was border-radius (and that is actually the one I’m most excited about). The box-shadow would be next on my list. Hopefully that gets put in the next preview.

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