Samsung Focus Phone Battery Charging Bug (WP7)

by filip 9. May 2012 08:23

The Samsung Focus appears to have a bug where if the battery is completely dead (as in, once its dead for a day, leave it in there for another week until it is completely discharged), the phone cannot charge the battery.

I have been able to charge the battery by taking it out of the Focus and putting it in other Galaxy-class phones, which do not have this bug. Once the battery was charged up a bit, I was then able to power up the Focus and finish charging the battery.

I’ve seen some posts where people would take out the battery for 30 seconds and then put it back in and the phone would charge, but it did not appear that taking out the battery out of my phone would fix the issue. I’ve taken it out for minutes at a time, and the battery would not charge.



WP7 voice to text seems to be down

by filip 27. March 2012 13:12

For the past few days, I haven't been able to use the voice to text feature when searching on my Samsung Focus.  It seems like Microsoft knows about the issue, but I hope this gets resolved soon.  

There is a thread about it already on Microsoft Answers.

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Create Custom Ringtones in Windows Phone 7

by filip 29. September 2011 11:14

The first thing you'll need to create a custom ringtone in WP7 is an MP3 file.  This file must be 40 seconds or shorter (and 1MB or smaller in size).  If your MP3 is too large, you can use a program like Audacity to crop it.

After you have your MP3 file the correct size, you'll need to open Zune and make sure that the MP3 is listed in your music collection. Find it in the collection, right click on the MP3, and click on "Edit".  This should bring up a window with the MP3 properties.  The only real important thing here is that the genre of the song must be changed to Ringtone.  See the image below. 


After updating the genre to Ringtone, click the OK button, and then sync the MP3 to your phone.

Finally, on the phone, go to Settings -> ringtones+sounds, and click on the Ringtone selector.  The ringtone you created should now be at the top of this list in the "Custom" section.

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Submit and Vote on features for Windows Phone 7

by filip 28. September 2011 13:43

Microsoft has setup a website where users can submit and vote on features they'd like to see in Windows Phone 7.

I've submitted a couple features I'd like to see:

  1. Treat the phone as a USB drive when plugged in to devices which do not have Zune installed.
  2. Integrate with Ford SYNC.... I think its crazy that iPhones work with SYNC but WP7 devices do not.

You can vote on them here:



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