Barack Obama's VP Choice: The best way to select Kathleen Sebelius

by filip 5. June 2008 17:46

Among popular candidates for vice president on the democratic party ticket is Kathleen Sebelius.  Selecting her, however, could prove problematic for Barack Obama. He certainly would not want to even further alienate Hillary Clinton's voters. Some could see it as another attack on Sen. Clinton, since she fought so hard for the nomination, and many think she deserves the vice president slot.

So how could Barack Obama put Gov. Sebelius on the ticket and win over Hillary's voters? If he chooses her, I really don't think he could say anything to make it up to the 18 million who voted for Hillary. Fortunately, there's another way. Sen. Obama could put Sen. Clinton in charge of selecting his VP, and if Hillary chose Kathleen Sebelius for the vice presidency, this could be seen as a win for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  • Sen. Obama would have a very respected woman on the ticket, something millions of women want to see. Not to mention the whole Change theme... what else is a better signal for change than an African-American and a woman! I can't even imaging how Sen. McCain could even come close.
  • Hillary Clinton, in turn, would be seen as the reason why a woman made it to the ticket.  For a long time, she has been fighting for women - even though it is not her on the ticket, she could forever be remembered as the one who made it possible. 

I believe this choice could be very popular with Clinton's supporters, as long as it is handled properly. Hillary has fought long and hard for this - allow her to make this choice for Sen. Obama and both candidates win - and win big! That also leaves some room for both Clintons in Barack Obama's Cabinet - something I'm sure they are interested in.



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