Submit and Vote on features for Windows Phone 7

by filip 28. September 2011 13:43

Microsoft has setup a website where users can submit and vote on features they'd like to see in Windows Phone 7.

I've submitted a couple features I'd like to see:

  1. Treat the phone as a USB drive when plugged in to devices which do not have Zune installed.
  2. Integrate with Ford SYNC.... I think its crazy that iPhones work with SYNC but WP7 devices do not.

You can vote on them here:



Flash Combobox setStyle works in Test (debug) and not in Publish (swf)

by filip 25. August 2011 09:15

I tried to customize the combobox ( AS3 ), and everything was working fine by using cbo.setStyle( "embedFonts" ) and cbo.setStyle( "textFormat" ) while testing the movie.  However, when I published the SWF, the styles were no longer working.

It seems like setStyle doesn't really work properly for comboboxes for some reason.  The solution was to apply the setStyle to the textField inside the combobox, and not to the combobox itself.

For example, this doesn't work: 


cbo.setStyle( "embedFonts", true );
cbo.setStyle( "textFormat", tf );


but this works:

cbo.textField.setStyle( "embedFonts", true );
cbo.textField.setStyle( "textFormat", tf );


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New option for fantasy football draft software

by filip 19. August 2011 13:28

There's some pretty cool new software for fantasy football this year.  It is designed for fantasy football draft parties (for up to 20 teams) to select their players via either a snake draft, or an auction draft.

The draft software is called Prime Time Draft, and it was developed by folks at where I work. It is designed for Windows, and it really shines when you hook it up to a big TV. 

You can find it by clicking the link below:

Fantasy Football Draft Software for 2011


Switched hosting providers from to Arvixe

by filip 11. November 2010 10:39

I wanted to start using SQL Server. I was using DiscoutASP.NET, and was paying $10/mo. If I wanted to add on SQL Server, it would have cost an additional $10 per month, brining the total to $240 per year, which was a bit more than I wanted to pay for hosting on a personal blog.

I searched around and found a host named Arvixe.  The price was absolutely excellent.  The basic hosting package costs $5/mo, and it comes with 6 websites and 6 SQL Server databases. They also claim unlimited bandwidth and storage, although I'm not sure what it means.  I am pretty sure that its not really unlimited, although I doubt they'll complain about my little blog.  The final price for Arvixe (I also got a static IP) was $96 for 2 years (that's with a 20% off coupon, which can be found pretty easily using Google), with an additional $48 for a static IP for 2 years. Not bad, and way cheaper than what I was paying before.

Also, my pages seem to be loading very fast, so right now, I have 0 complaints. The control panel and webmail at Arvixe are way better than DiscountASP.NET, so that is also a nice bonus.



Change the color of the trendline value in FusionCharts v3 for Flash

by filip 14. October 2010 15:07

It seems like FusionCharts does not support changing the color of a trendline via the TRENDVALUES style application.  The color always seems to default to the color of the trendline.

The fix to this issue involves modifying the source of the file (you’ll need the source for fusioncharts to be able to do this).

Search the file for the following line (it should be line 1789):

trendFontObj.color = this.trendLines [i].color;

Right afer this line, paste the following code:

if ( this.styleM.getTextStyle (this.objects.TRENDVALUES).color != undefined )
                    trendFontObj.color = this.styleM.getTextStyle (this.objects.TRENDVALUES).color;

There may be a more “elegant” way of doing this, but the code above will enable you to change the color of trend value lines by using styles in fusioncharts.

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