Arronco Geothermal Installation in Cincinnati Part 2

by filip 23. April 2014 02:42

This is a follow-up article to my initial article about my geothermal installation.

For the past couple days, Arronco was finishing up their geothermal installation in my house. The first day was spent on removing my existing unit as well as setting up the Byrant geothermal unit (GT-PB). The second day was spent on finishing up the GT-PB install, hooking up the tubes that run outside to the unit, attaching my water heater to the geothermal unit, and finally setting up my thermostat.

The first set of pictures is some of the work outside of the house.







And here it is with all of the work complete:







Too see how this has affected my electric usage click here



My Arronco Geothermal Installation in Cincinnati

by filip 18. April 2014 17:19

It was time for me to replace my heat pump, and I got a few bids from local companies. I ended up setting on a geothermal system from Arronco.

They came out yesterday to drill the wells where the tubes will go. The first thing to show up was the tubing, delivered by a local delivery company.

Geothermal tubes. Each is about 510 feet long.

After that the Arronco geothermal truck showed up.

Arronco Geothermal Truck

The guys put down some rubber mats on the lawn so that the tires don’t damage the yard too much. It still ended up tearing up my yard, but I don’t really see how they could do it any other way. They also had very little space to work with as it had to fit between the driveway and the electric box in front of the house. The weight of that truck would have probably cracked my driveway.

Path for Geothermal Truck

Once everything was set up, they got the truck in.

Parked Geothermal Truck from frontParked Geothermal Truck from back

Once the truck was in place, they put the big digging arm up and started digging the first of two holes. Each hole was to be 225’ deep.


The entire process is very loud, a kind of messy (although a lot less messy than I thought it would be). Here are some more photos of the entire process. The white stuff is ground up limestone that started coming up once they got like 30’ below ground.





After they left, I was left with the following in my yard. They’ll be coming over on Monday to install the unit inside, and on Wednesday to dig the trench that will connect the tubing to the inside.


The rest of my installation!



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