Change combobox background color in AS3

by filip 8. November 2011 11:30

I needed to change the background color of the text region of a flash combobox - using AS3 at runtime.

Styles for some reason were not working.  The solution was to directly address the textfield property and change its background color.  Here's an example:

cbo.textField.textField.background = true;
cbo.textField.textField.backgroundColor = 0xDEDE29;

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Web Development

Using QR codes as signatures and avatars

by filip 4. November 2011 14:44

Just created my new sig using Google's QR code API ( ).  It creates the codes with error correction (there are some settings that you can use to modify this), so its possible to actually delete a part of it and enter your own image/text in the middle of the QR code.

I had to play around a little with my name in the middle.  If it is not aligned properly on the QR code or if it covers the wrong area, the code won't be recognized. QR Code QR Code
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