Intel 300GB and 600GB SSD coming soon?

by filip 30. April 2010 09:08

Intel has a new Client IT TCO tool available on their website, and according to the tool, new sizes of Intel drives are coming soon in capacities of 300GB and 600GB.

I have an 80GB Intel SSD, and having something that’s 300GB in size would be sweet!


Logitech Harmony 1000 Class Action Lawsuit Settlement - H1000

by filip 16. April 2010 08:37

Logitech has started to send out the replacement remotes (890) as part of their settlement in the class action (Arthur Fulford v. Logitech Inc. Class Action Settlement).

Mine came in the mail yesterday on April 15th.  It was a refurbished model, but everything seems good. It has already replaced the H1000 in my living room.


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